Litigation funding

Civil procedural disputes are often costly affairs that can be strung out for years. To be able to enforce their rights, claimants need great financial staying power.

Individuals and businesses often choose not to pursue legal action because they cannot or are unwilling to afford lengthy court proceedings and the financial risks involved.

Under these circumstances, litigation funding, as offered by JuraPlus AG, is often the only solution: We fully assume the claimant’s risk of litigation costs against a share in the success and enable the enforcement of legitimate claims in a state civil or arbitration court.

In providing litigation funding, Jura Plus AG’s access to justice is based on the general terms of equality – especially where the courts do not provide free-of-charge proceedings or the expenses are not covered by legal protection insurances.

JuraPlus AG can help parties seeking justice with their decision whether or not to pursue legal action. In this connection, the Swiss Federal Court has adopted a landmark decision on litigation funding, which states that it can be beneficial for a claimant to have the prospects of enforcement of his legal request and the risks of litigation assessed by a litigation funding specialist.

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